Sunday, 26 January 2014

Three Stars and a Wish #1

When I was younger, my peers and I used to mark our school work using the "Three Stars and a Wish" method... actually it may have been two stars but I want three! I'd been thinking about starting a week overview post and the star/wish system works pretty well - the stars being good moments, thoughts or whatever else from the week, and the wish being something to bear in mind for the week ahead:


* Having a 10 minute road trip with my friends Chloe and Tilly! Chloe has just bought her first car and we're all rather excited about it - it's the first car of our friendship group too ;)

* Finishing the first draft of my English Literature coursework! Feels so good to have a solid piece of work finished and just "tweaking" to do

* Trying out the library as a "coursework completion location". Definitely a great place for focus and productivity


- I need to get myself organised with school and ask for help from my teachers. I'v been feeling overwhelmed with it all lately it's getting me down. Time for it to stop! 

How was your week?


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